Home Sweet Home…

Okay, so I sorry I kinda left you hanging on that last post. I explained all my awesome best friends and said we all make up Motl…what the heck is that? Motl (pronounced like mobile but with a T) is our house (yes…we named it). But then again , every house that’s worth mentioning in college has a name. It’s called Motl because that is the last name of our crazy landlord. The house has been a chi o house (that’s my sorority) since basically the beginning of time…in fact, when I was a freshman, one of my sorority sisters and all her best friends that were seniors lived in Motl. I never thought I would be living there, but look what happened: I’m living the dream at Motl house.
Why is any of this relevant? Because not only is our house infamous in Gainesville, totally awesome, and where I spend a majority of my time, but finding a sweet place to live is essential to having a great college experience. Moral of the story: find the perfect place to live where you can have a great time! Things to consider: location, lay out, and awesome decor are all things to consider. I’d have to say the greatest feature in Motl is our big back porch overlooking the woods (perfect for gameday BBQ’s and cook outs; grab an ipod and speakers, a grill, all your friends and your set). With 6 girls under one roof, there’s always something going on at Motl and I’ll make sure I keep ya posted.


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