My life story

So I’ve been keeping you updated on the recent events in my life such as moving into MOTL house, celebrating all the recent Gator football victories, traveling to Nashville for the gator game, and even showing you my accomplishments in the past four years with my resume.  Now I thought I would give you a little more information all about my background starting from the very beginning…January 29, 1991 should be a national holiday…because its the day that I was born!  I was born to Mike and Kim Deegan in Fort Worth Texas.  Within the first few months of my life the three of us picked up and moved to Corpus Christi (which is basically Mexico…super south Texas right on the Gulf of Mexico) and which is also where I lived until I was five.  By that time I already had two little brothers, Drew and Matt  and we were in an adorable phase in which my mom dressed us in all coordinating and embarrassing outfits…thanks for that Mom.  Our family of five moved to Jacksonville, FL and more specifically Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.  I couldn’t have asked for a better small beach community that’s part of a great bigger city to grow up in.  Not to mention the entire side of my dad’s family (yes, all about 40 Deegans give or take) moved there within the same couple years that we moved.  This means that my memories of growing up in PV are filled with many holidays spent at my grandparents house running around the yard playing tag with my 16 cousins, spending weekends at the beach with the whole Deegan gang, having Christmas carols, pumpkin carvings, and every Deegan birthday celebrated together.  I went to a small private Catholic school and then transferred to the local public school when it came time to start high school.  I did the IB program and worked hard in school, refusing to get a “B” and constantly obsessing over every test and paper.  But I also had fun.  I made a great group of friends that I’m still close with today.  My big hobby my whole life was dance.  I danced on traveling performing teams, competitive teams, and I did about every type of dance you could think of.  In high school I danced on the school team for four years and served as captain for the last two….Wow, sorry I got so caught up in myself that I forgot to mention a couple minor details…by the time I was a sophomore in High School, my family was a family of seven.  When I was in first grade, my mom had a baby boy, my brother Luke, and then when I was 16 and thought my family was pretty set in stone, she had a baby girl, Ava (who’s now 5 years old and just about the cutest, most precious, and wonderful blessing that could ever happen to my family).  With my family’s love, support, and encouragement, I had a wonderful first 18 years of my life.  Life became just a bit sweeter when I got my acceptance to the University of Florida, and I dont’ think that there’s any question about whether I have enjoyed my time here.  As I’m watching my second to last semester fly by, I’ve become a little more nostalgic.  I really look around when I’m on campus, I appreciate the small things (like the fact that 9 out of 10 people on a chilly autumn day are in a gator sweatshirt, I listen to century tower chime, and nothing beats a football game in the swamp).  More importantly, at the end of the day, I know that I’m the person that I am today because of what my life consisted of before this–where I came from and what I learned.  And I know that wherever I am in a year from now, although it won’t be UF, I’ll always be a gator, a Ponte Vedra girl, the oldest of five, a hard worker, a happy person, a good friend, and I’ll be okay.


…Sorry I got a little sentimental at the end.  It happens when your a senior


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